Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh No! What Will Greg Ferro Think?

Mrs. Chris Marget commissioned these awesome Router and Switch cufflinks for me as a Christmas gift.

I love 'em, but wonder if I'm allowed to wear them on the job? Greg Ferro didn't address French cuffs in his Fashion Tips for Network Engineering Men rant post. Maybe the CCIE-Fashion (I believe Greg is the first to sport this title?) will weigh in with a ruling.

Greg, I promise to wear them only with black shoes and a wide black belt :-)

They were made by Lauren Swingle of TheClayCollection. Lauren sculpts all manner of nerdy jewelry out of plastic polymer clay, as can be seen from the banner I swiped from her etsy store:

You can get your own pair by emailing Lauren at: 

Update 20 Jan 2012: Well this is a big relief!  :-)

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