Monday, November 28, 2016

ICMP Covert Channel for IOS

I wrote a quick-and-dirty covert channel via ICMP for IOS routers.

The channel in question isn't super covert. It's all in plaintext and is quite noisy because it only delivers a single byte of message payload per ping. But it gets messages from routers to the listener via pings, and that was the objective. I expect it to be useful when diagnosing IPSec issues behind unknown overload NATs.

It lives here.

Invoke it on a router like this:

Router#tclsh flash:sender.tcl <target> testing 1 2 3

It will then send 14 pings (13 for the characters in 'testing 1 2 3' plus an <EOM> terminator) to the target machine.

The listener functions as a packet sniffer, so it requires root access. It prints out a line per incoming message, preceded by the sender's IP address:

# /tmp/ testing 1 2 3

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