Saturday, June 17, 2017

Serial Pinout for APC

This is just a quick note to remind me how to make serial cables for APC power strips. This cable works between an APC AP8941 and an Opengear terminal server with Cisco-friendly (-X2 in Opengear nomenclature) pinout.

Only pins 3,4 and 6 are populated on the 8P8C end. It probably doesn't matter whether the ground pin (black) lands on pin 4 or 5 because both should be ground on the Opengear end. The yellow wire is unused.


  1. You stripped the jacket too far back.

    The gray cable jacket needs to be pinched by the retaining clip inside the plug. That provides the mechanical connection and prevents the plug from getting pulled out with normal handling.

    The terminals are the electrical connection and are not strong.

    I am not trying to criticize, just having flashbacks of replacing hundreds of poorly crimped RJ plugs that caused many intermittent errors.


  2. Yeah. I didn't make the cable. I just talked somebody through making it over the phone. I thought about making one correctly before posting the picture :)

    I think the guy who did it doesn't know that the crimper's strip area has a depth stop for exactly that purpose.

  3. I'm the guy who made it. That was a first drunken attempt and now I regret not throwing it in the trash.

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